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How to properly apply your makeup throughout the seasons

Updated: Mar 25, 2019


You want to use fresh and light colours that really stand out. Champagne pink, sheer gold with a gold shimmer will give off a whimsical look. Earthy toned shadows to create a smokey eye, these colours compliment all eye colours.

Lip options you could try plum, mulberry, pink, red or berry in various shades. Warmer skin tones need a peachy pink or pinkish brown. Cooler tones can do most shades of pink. Always prep the lip before application- (exfoliate & prime).


Be mindful that any darkening of the skin is an indication of damage, always protect your skin with a UVA/UVB. Summertime is the best time to define skin with bronzers as they give skin a healthy glow. Bronze, Peach and Gold and Khaki are look fabulous on the eyes. Indulge with a lip gloss or liquid colour. Coral colours look amazing with a sun kissed or Nubian complexion.


This season is all about warmth. Emerald green and Burgundy eye colours and metallic gold and wine liners as well as the traditional Black or Brown. are an attractive choice for Autumn. Copper eyeshadow is a beautiful contrast for all eyes- day or night.


Rich, deeper colours such as Wine, Chestnut and Dark Violets. Berry and Crimson look best on lips. Winter is the best time of year to wear a Red lipstick ( although you can get away with this in a different season). Deep Chocolate and Gold is a classic look. During the Winter months your skin is drier and dehydrated due to heating and environmental factors. Ensure that you boost your hydration levels and use serums with hyaluronic acid and always moisturise before foundation application.

Each season presents boundless opportunities to change your look. For additional inspiration look at segments in fashion magazines. Be creative whatever season and have fun.

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