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Top 8 makeup artists you should be following on Instagram

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

1) Hung Vanngo


His client list consists of- Gigi Hadid, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez to mention a few. Every makeup look is different and breathtakingly beautiful.

2) Mario Dedivanovic


Mario is the makeup god for Kim Kardashian's creations. He's the brains behind all the looks.

3) Lisa Eldridge


Lisa does fresh-faced beauty, she's the person to follow if you love creating flawless, dewy skin.

4) Pat McGrath


If you love catwalk makeup, then please do follow Pat McGrath on your Instagram. Pat has created some of the most complex and avante-garde designs ever.

5) Violette


For French chic, go and seek Violette. Her eye colour is insane as are her makeup skills.

6) Priscilla Ono


If you are a fan of Rhianna, like myself. Then you MUST follow Priscila Ono as she is Ri Ri's go to makeup girl. You will see dreamy makeup looks and you'll know about the new Fenty Beauty launches.

7) Pony


A South Korean artist with exceptional skills. Pony has the largest following in the beauty industry. Awesome talented artist.

8)Patrick Ta


Patrick is a celebrity artist known for beautifying Hailey Baldwin, Shanin Shaik and Emily Ratajkowski.

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